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Bjorn Johansson
Bjorn Johansson
Közzétéve ekkor: 2020. szeptember 22.

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RememBear is a newer password manager, but there’s good reason to trust it. It’s made by the same team that makes the TunnelBear VPN, which keeps internet usage secure for millions of users around the world. I gave the RememBear password manager a try so I could see for myself if it’s actually a worthwhile addition to an already really crowded marketplace.

RememBear’s user interface is really fun. Animated bears offer simple step-by-step instructions to show users how to access essential features like importing passwords, creating a secure Master Password, making a Backup Kit, and syncing computers up with mobile devices.

RememBear also has excellent security protections that help keep user information safe on its servers.

However, I wasn’t too impressed by RememBear’s additional features — it doesn’t offer encrypted storage, breach monitoring, password sharing, or any of the other extras offered by more full-featured password managers like Dashlane or 1Password. But RememBear is trying to corner the “simple password manager” market, and they’re doing it extremely well.

There’s a 42% off discount on a multi-year plan along with a 30-day free trial, making this one of the best-value password managers of 2020. I’ve tested a lot of different password managers, and RememBear is one of my absolute favorites — I’ve been using it on my devices for the last 4 weeks, and here’s what I found out.

RememBear felkeresése

RememBear Security Features

Storing all of my passwords in one place is a scary prospect — it would be a disaster if hackers got access to my password vault. But RememBear offers enough security protections that I feel totally safe storing my logins on its servers.

RememBear secures user information with 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption — this is the same encryption used by banks and governments. End-to-end encryption means that you’re the only person who can see your login information — even RememBear can’t see what you’re storing on its servers.

Advanced users will be happy to know that RememBear protects user data with a ton of high-tech security safeguards, such as:

  • Secure remote password (SRP). Protects data while it’s moving between user devices and RememBear’s servers.
  • Key management system (KMS). Ensures data encryption even if RememBear’s servers get breached.
  • Transport layer security (TLS). Keeps data safe from HTTP attacks.

Less technical users can just feel secure knowing that their data is protected at every single point between RememBear’s servers and your devices.

RememBear is pretty low on extra features — I’d like to see them include password sharing and messaging between RememBear users — but this product still provides all of the essential features necessary for a convenient and secure password manager.

RememBear felkeresése

Browser Extension

RememBear Security Features

RememBear’s browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It handles most of RememBear’s password management functions — it stores new passwords, auto-fills saved logins, and generates secure new passwords. It was able to easily detect login fields and auto-fill them quickly and accurately.

RememBear Security Features

Competitors like RoboForm offer dedicated browser extensions for a variety of other browsers, such as Brave, Opera, and Edge, but RememBear’s current browser extension functions well (and is Chromium-based so it will also work on Brave, Opera, and Edge). I expect to see more dedicated RememBear browser extensions added in the near future.

RememBear felkeresése

New Device Key

RememBear protects users with a new device key (NDK). The NDK is a randomly generated 16-digit code which is used to authenticate your device every time you log into RememBear.

The NDK is generated on your device, and it’s only visible on your system — it’s never shared online or stored on RememBear’s servers. Every time you log in with your Master Password, your device automatically enters the NDK as a second form of verification.

Even if a hacker cracks your Master Password, they can’t log into your RememBear account without the NDK. It’s similar to a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature, because it ensures that nobody can log into your account without physical access to your devices.

The NDK helps make RememBear really secure — it’s a pretty unique feature that I haven’t seen from other password managers like Dashlane and LastPass.

RememBear felkeresése

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is a security system designed to make sure that only you are the one logging into your account. RememBear has 2FA, but only in certain places and for certain uses — only for logging into certain online accounts, but not your RememBear password vault.

RememBear doesn’t integrate with third-party 2FA apps like Google Authenticator, unlike most other password managers. But RememBear’s NDK feature accomplishes a similar function — it ensures nobody can log into your vault without your physical device. But if a thief steals your device and your Master Password, the NDK won’t help.

However, RememBear does have a built-in 2FA system with a one-time password generator, which you can use with all of your 2FA-compatible accounts online.

I had no problem setting up RememBear’s authenticator to be used as 2FA for my Google account. First, I told Google that I wanted to enable 2FA, and when I chose to set up an authenticator, I used RememBear’s QR scanner. RememBear’s scanner ate Google’s barcode — literally, an animated bear mouth ate it and made a cool chomping sound, which I loved! After that, RememBear’s one-time password generator was synced up with my Google account.

RememBear Security Features

This 2FA setup was super easy. RememBear generated a secure one-time code every 30 seconds which I used alongside my password to log into my Google account.

RememBear Security Features

RememBear felkeresése

Backup Kit

RememBear’s Backup Kit is a super simple but effective account recovery tool. Most password managers offer an “emergency access” feature which requires another trusted person to follow a series of steps to help recover account information.

RememBear’s approach is different — it simply displays your secure New Device Key and tells you to print it or write it down and store it somewhere safe.

RememBear Security Features

Just like your Master Password, the NDK is only visible to you — RememBear has no way to get you back into your account, so you have to be extremely careful. I printed out a couple copies of my Backup Kit. I put one in my office safe and mailed one to my older brother, just in case.

RememBear’s Backup Kit is a simple and accessible way to provide an emergency backdoor into your password vault. It’s only accessible in RememBear Premium, so free users have to be extra cautious about keeping their Master Password safe.

RememBear felkeresése

Password Generator

Every decent password manager includes a password generator, and RememBear isn’t much different — except for the adorable bears, of course!

RememBear’s password generator offers different options for creating completely random passwords as well as passwords using the “correct-horse-battery-staple” template. These latter passwords are weaker but easier to remember, which is illustrated by the smaller (and cuter) size of the accompanying bear graphic.

RememBear Security FeaturesRememBear Security Features

RememBear’s password generator is just as good as any competitor’s, and I like having the option to use randomly generated words to make easy-to-remember passwords. Competitors like RoboForm don’t offer this kind of flexibility.

RememBear’s security features are pretty minimal, but they’re extremely well-made. I had no problem using every feature, and the security protocols which protect them make this one of the most secure and convenient password managers on the market today.

RememBear felkeresése

Plans and Pricing

RememBear offers a free plan — RememBear Free — and a paid plan — RememBear Premium. RememBear Free didn’t impress me all that much, but I’m a big fan of RememBear Premium.

RememBear Free

RememBear Free offers unlimited password storage on a single device, and that’s it. And free users don’t get access to their NDK, so it’s not possible to make a Backup Kit.

If you’re looking for a super streamlined password manager to cover a single device, RememBear Free is an OK choice.

However, it’s just not a good deal when compared to free password managers like Sticky Password and LastPass — both of which cover unlimited devices.

RememBear felkeresése

RememBear Premium

RememBear Premium is a great deal. It offers unlimited password storage on unlimited devices for a single user, at around half the cost of competitors like Dashlane and 1Password. RememBear doesn’t offer a lot of special features, but here’s what comes with the Premium plan:

  • Cloud-based password storage secured by bank-grade encryption.
  • Stores unlimited passwords, notes, and financial information.
  • Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS compatibility.
  • Built-in authenticator for 2FA-compatible logins.
  • Backup Kit in case you lose your Master Password.
  • Priority customer support via email.
  • Adorable bear cartoons!

I really like RememBear Premium, and I think it’s a perfect option for people wanting a simple, fun, and intuitive password manager.

RememBear felkeresése

Mobile App

RememBear’s mobile app is just as bear-packed and easy to use as the desktop application.

I tested it out on my iPhone and had no difficulty syncing it up with my PC. After downloading RememBear from the App Store, I selected the option to add an existing account.

I opened RememBear on my desktop, clicked Add New Account, and pointed my phone’s camera at the QR code on my screen.

Mobile App

RememBear worked really well on my iPhone. The mobile app uses iOS’s Autofill function to recognize and fill in passwords, and it syncs automatically with the desktop app. RememBear’s mobile app is compatible with Apple’s Touch ID feature, so you can log in with just your fingerprint — no Master Password necessary.

RememBear’s desktop app synced just as easily with my son’s Android device, allowing him to share his passwords between his computer and his phone. RememBear also provides biometric login for Android devices, so he was able to log into the mobile app using only his fingerprint.

Overall, RememBear’s mobile app is just as easy to use and intuitive as the desktop app.

RememBear felkeresése

Ease of Use and Setup

RememBear is one of the easiest password managers to use, and it’s full of cute animated bears!

RememBear offers a series of achievements to help new users get started — you earn a cuddly animated clip each time you unlock an achievement, like importing your old passwords with a .csv file or enabling Autofill in iOS.

Unlocking 6 achievements lowers the price of RememBear Premium by a small amount — this is a nice bonus, but the achievements are helpful motivators regardless of the discount.

Ease of Use and Setup

RememBear’s auto-fill and login recognition features work really well. After you’ve logged into a website once, RememBear asks to remember that login information and offers to auto-fill your information every time you navigate to that site. This is what I saw when I logged into my Twitch account after saving my login to RememBear:

Ease of Use and Setup

After clicking on the bear icon, my username and password came up automatically, and I just clicked on the Twitch icon to log in.

Ease of Use and Setup

I also appreciated the search function within RememBear’s password vault — I could easily find my passwords just by searching for keywords in the login fields. RememBear also allowed me to navigate to my saved sites and log in with one click.

RememBear is super easy to use, and it offers a colorful and fun user interface to keep users engaged. Password managers like RoboForm and Bitwarden just look boring and clunky in comparison.

RememBear felkeresése

Customer Support

Like many competitors, RememBear only offers email-based customer support. Their team always replied within 24 hours, and they were really knowledgeable in their responses. Not only are they articulate and professional, their support team also uses adorable pseudonyms like “Paddlington Bear”!

Customer Support

This personal touch in their email correspondence would be a little too cute if the rest of their responses to my questions weren’t so clear and well thought out. I really enjoyed corresponding with RememBear’s team. Paddlington Bear was able to respond to my technical questions clearly and promptly, and they even answered my questions about the origin of their name!

Customer Support

RememBear’s customer service is a big improvement over competitors like Password Boss and True Key, both of whom were unable to get back to me in a timely manner and weren’t super well-versed in their product’s technical details.

While RememBear doesn’t offer some customer support options like live chat, their email support team is one of the most friendly, most knowledgeable, and most helpful I’ve ever encountered.

RememBear felkeresése

RememBear — Is it a Good Password Manager for 2020?

RememBear is a safe and charming alternative to more full-featured password managers like Dashlane. RememBear is a little short on extra features, but it offers a super convenient product that safeguards passwords with powerful security protections.

I really like RememBear’s user interface, especially the cute bear animations, and communicating with their customer support team was one of the more enjoyable tech support interactions I’ve ever had.

I like the simplicity of the New Device Key for protecting login security, and the 2FA authenticator made it simple for me to access my 2FA-compatible logins online.

I’d like to see RememBear include 2FA compatibility for logging into the password vault, but my customer service rep — Paddlington Bear — informed me that they are working on developing this 2FA-login compatibility as we speak.

RememBear is one of my favorite password managers for new users, less tech-savvy people, or anybody looking for a low-cost password management solution that’s fun, intuitive, and easy to use. While there’s no money-back guarantee, there is a 30-day free trial of the Premium version when you download the free version.

Overall, RememBear is a very good password manager — it’s safe, secure, and full of really cute bears!

RememBear felkeresése

RememBear — FAQs

Is RememBear safe?

RememBear is one of the most secure password managers on the market today. It uses end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption to keep user data completely secure on RememBear’s servers.

RememBear also uses a ton of high-tech security protocols to protect data, including a server key management system, secure remote password protocol, and transport layer security.

Password managers are most often breached due to user error, which is why RememBear gives users a few different tools to keep their vault secure.

Each copy of RememBear automatically generates a New Device Key, which is never sent to RememBear’s servers. Even if a hacker was able to steal your Master Password online, they wouldn’t be able to log into your account without physical access to your device.

RememBear’s mobile app is also secured with biometric identification — so you can’t log in on a mobile device without a fingerprint or face scan.

Of course, it’s still super important to have a complicated Master Password, just in case your device gets stolen. Nobody wants to have their entire password vault compromised because their Master Password is password123.

Does RememBear have a free plan?

RememBear does offer a free plan — it includes unlimited password storage, but only on one device. It also keeps you from accessing your New Device Key, so there’s no backdoor into your account if you lose your Master Password.

It’s not a very good deal, especially when competitors like LastPass and Sticky Password offer unlimited passwords on unlimited devices — plus additional features — for free.

If you need a free password manager, RememBear is probably not the best for you. But if you need a high-value, low-cost password manager, RememBear Premium is one of the best.

How does RememBear manage passwords, notes, and credit cards?

If you’re familiar with password managers, then nothing about RememBear will surprise you — except for the adorable animated bears, of course! Users transitioning from another password manager have the option to import previous password vaults from a .csv file.

All of your passwords, notes, and credit cards are stored in RememBear’s app and browser extension in an alphabetical list. There’s also a search field which makes it easy to find things inside your vault.

RememBear also recognizes new password fields and offers to generate highly complex and secure passwords for new logins. The passwords that RememBear generates are totally random, so they’re impossible to predict. Since RememBear uses auto-filling, your passwords can’t be detected by keyloggers or screenloggers that could normally record your keystrokes or screen activity to steal your passwords.

RememBear can also autofill credit card information. Simply enter your credit or debit card into RememBear’s vault and it will recognize and auto-fill payment forms on your desktop or mobile device.

Is RememBear better than built-in password managers from Chrome or Apple?

Google Chrome offers a pretty decent password manager, and Apple’s iCloud Keychain is a simple way to store and auto-fill passwords. But RememBear is a cross-platform password manager with added security measures like two-factor authentication.

RememBear works really well across a variety of devices — it easily syncs between PCs, Androids, Macs, and iOS, as well as offering extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Chrome’s password vault only works in Chrome, and iCloud Keychain has issues syncing with Windows and Android devices. RememBear’s multi-device syncing is simple and intuitive, plus it includes 2FA authentication, powerful security protections, and a Backup Kit for emergency vault access — all things that neither Chrome’s nor iCloud Keychain’s password managers have.

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